Checking used machines checking various parameters

The inspection of used cars can be carried out in three main stages:

Machine accuracy test

This checks the alignment and kinematic accuracy of the machine. Check various other parameters, such as shaft, handle, shaft, etc. Route. The axis must be perpendicular to the table. The angle and bend of the shaft must be correct. Check the linear axis.

Testing the part or product

In this way, check the size and position of the part. It also includes layout, surface finish, and form inspection. Geometric dimensions and tolerances are also confirmed upon request or application.

Process control and monitoring

This includes checking the process steps at each step to avoid process errors that could lead to product defects or unnecessary production delays. The product life cycle has several stages that start with an idea or conceptualization. Then quality control is done at all levels: design, feasibility study, analysis, pilot phase, testing, and mass production.