Fabrication Inspection

inspection from raw materials to final product to ensure correct activities and standards according to customer specifications


Control of all phases of manufacturing and assembly, from raw material sourcing to final inspection and testing by being present at the production site and reviewing and monitoring all responsibilities and procedures to ensure that all specified requirements are met. Identification and traceability of materials parts and assemblies, control of manufacturing and assembly processes, inspection and testing, verification of subcontracted equipment, review and examination of inspection and testing, control of inspection, measurement and test equipment, handling, storage, packaging and delivery of equipment are his responsibility.

Suppliers must establish and maintain documented procedures for inspection and testing of equipment during manufacturing and assembly. The procedures must include verification by inspections or tests, at appropriate points in the manufacturing and assembly process, that the characteristics of the item meet the requirements specified for that stage of the process. 

The inspector covers the responsibilities in accordance with the quality plan and/or the ITP based on documented procedures to complete the proof of conformity of the finished equipment to the specified requirements.